Able to install and service most windows: Marvin, Anderson, Pella, and Sierra Pacific Windows

Our shop personnel can cut glass to size for your special projects such as picture frames, so you have just the right touch for your personal item. Garden City Paint & Glass is proud to be associated with quality vendors to provide the best products and services around.

Insulated Glass Units

Homes in heating-dominated climates lose interior heat to the outside, colder-temperature environment. Many colder climates have weeks or even months during which outside temperatures are significantly colder than most preferred interior temperature levels. We offer several type of insulated glass engineered for our unique climate.


As an ENERGY STAR partner, CrystaLite, Inc. provides NFRC rated skylights which meet ENERGY STAR criteria for having exceptional thermal insulating performance. Our first choice for providers of Skylights. Are you looking for something to shed a little light in a room of your house or are you needing a leaky skylight repaired? Choose CrystaLite.